Professional Oil Change Services in Sarnia

Sarnia Xpress Lube offers excellent oil change services in Sarnia. Oil plays different roles in your vehicle. It reduces the heat, lessens the friction between engine components, and helps in decreasing carbon buildup in the engine. From semi-synthetic to full-synthetic oil changes, you can count on us for your vehicle's oil change needs.

Having your vehicle’s oil changed frequently can also help increase your fuel economy along with its general performance and avoid costly repairs. You will get a complete 20-point inspection when you choose our oil change service. We offer Pennzoil oils in our oil change services! Visit us today for more information.

Get Full-Service Oil Changes

The key ingredient to a healthy engine is a scheduled oil change service. With regular oil changes, your vehicle engine will run stronger, longer, and newer while your important engine parts stay protected and well-coated against additional heat and friction. When you avoid an oil change, the oil begins to break down, thicken, and is subsequently less effective, causing damage and engine wear. Bring your vehicle to our shop today. You can also depend on us for:

  Oil changes

From full-synthetic oil changes to standard oil changes, you can rely on us for a wide variety of oil change services. Changing oil at regular intervals keeps your vehicle functioning properly and prevents costly engine repairs.

10-Minute Oil Change

  Seasonal tire changeover

Whether you require a tire changeover for your truck, passenger vehicle or need to mount new tires on your SUV, bring it to our shop. We have the right experience and the right equipment to handle any tire work.

Tire Changes

  Transmission flushes

The professionals at Sarnia Xpress Lube will flush out all the harmful fluids in your engine and replace the flushed out fluid with brand new fluids. We can easily put out grime, sludge and then fill it up with new oil.

Flush Change

  Air filter and cabin air filter exchange

Get your cabin and air filters replaced with Sarnia Xpress Lube’s convenient replacement services. Usually, clean and new filters will catch more dust and pollen so you can breathe easier and enjoy the drive.

Air Filter Changes

  Windshield wiper blades

If you are out or low of windshield wiper fluid, you can depend on us refill the same. Also, we can provide little extra lubrication so that the blades can pass across the glass silently and smoothly.

  Other services

You can rely on us to replace tail lights, signal lights and some tire services. We also provide differential service if your vehicle is due for a change. We can quickly diagnose the issue and get you back on the road very quickly. Visit our other location for extensive services such as tire repairs, plugging damaged tires, and more.

Full-service Oil Changes

Sarnia Xpress Lube offers a full-service oil change with a 20-point inspection including radiator flushes, wiper blades replacement and more.

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